Frauenfeld, Thurgauische Kantonsbibliothek, Ms. Y 34

A mid-eighteenth-century copy of the original of c. 1500 (location unknown), continued through the year 1766.

Title Page, Frauenfeld, Thurgauische Kantonsbibliothek, Ms. Y 34

The following table is based primarily on the publication of the Frauenfeld manuscript as it relates to donations made to the library by Paul Ruf, Mittelalterliche Bibliothekskataloge Deutschlands und der Schweiz, vol. 3.1, Bistum Augsburg, München: Beck, 1932 (reprint 1970), 81-85. See also Stöhlker, 1976, 3.427-431.

The second redaction of the original Liber benefactorum was written and then continued by Ulrich Stainbach (1459-1538), most likely during the period 1495-1500 while he was Procurator of the Buxheim Charterhouse (Stöhlker, 1978, 4.748-760). According to the Buxheim librarian Fr. Franz Crismer (1734-80), the previously assigned date of 1508 refers to Stainbach’s work on the Buxheim Martyrology (now lost; see Stöhlker, 1978, 4.757, n. 28.) The eighteenth-century copy and its continuation may well have been written by Prior Hieronymus Krafft (1743-60), who likely also added the Prologue.