Berlin, Staatsbibliothek, Ms. lat. qu. 372. Link to short description.

f. 1r

This earliest Buxheim list of books, compiled some 50 years after the founding of the Carthusian house, details 218 volumes, already a considerable amount for any library of the fifteenth century. The library would expand rapidly in the second half of the fifteenth century, with the enthusiastic collection by the monks of the new books printed with movable type, especially from Augsburg, their own work as scribes and writers, and the donation of some 450 books by Hilprand Brandenburg in the first years of the sixteenth century.

The first library’s location is unknown. It is quite likely that the books collected in the fifteenth century were stored in or near the sacristy. The reference to an “upper” (superioris) library probably denotes the main collection of books on the upper floor. The second library building was built in the early sixteenth century with a donation by Hilprand Brandenburg, among others. This structure was located where the St. Anna’s Chapel is now, which was constructed by Hilprand in honor of his mother. The third and final library building, which still stands today, was completed in 1710.

Transcription of Book List:

The list of books is divided into four parts, the first (ff. 4r-13v) represents the core collection of sacred texts, including books of the Bible and important commentaries and glosses on scripture. These were most likely stored separately in the sacristy, as part of a “choir” library. The second part (ff. 14r-50r), divided across 11 main shelf sections (A-L), lists the remainder of the holdings. These would have made up the main, “upper” part of the library. The third part (ff. 50v-51r) is a very short list of books most likely added by a very sloppy and at times illegible hand sometime in the sixteenth century. Finally, the fourth part (ff. 51v-73v) is completely blank, although sections marked with the letters M-X were prepared for eventual (?) use.

Published in: Mittelalterliche Bibliothekskataloge Deutschlands und der Schweiz. Vol. 3.1, Bistum Augsburg, 1932. Ed. Paul Ruf. Reprint München: Beck, 1970. 91-101.

Described by Wolfram Sexauer in Frühneuhochdeutsche Schriften in Kartäuserbibliotheken: Untersuchungen zur Pflege der volkssprachlichen Literatur in Kartäuserklöstern des oberdeutschen Raums bis zum Einsetzen der Reformation. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 1978, 69-71.

List of Authors:

The “Registrum” of about 1450, with later additions, lists some 400 different titles in its 200+ volumes, with about 180 of these works identified by author as well. The following is a list of named and identified authors and their works.

List of Titles:

The following table contains the more than 200 titles that are listed in the “Registrum” without attribution to an author, or for which an author cannot be identified with certainty.