Many dealer and auction catalogs include Buxheim books, but perhaps the most important for a study of the library are the early catalogs of the 1883 auction and the subsequent sales catalogs of 1884 by Ludwig and Nathan Rosenthal in Munich. Included here are scans of the originals, plus a table of those manuscripts and incunables listed in the Förster auction catalog of 1883, with their prices. It is also clear to us now that many Buxheim manuscripts and printed books were not listed in the 1883 auction catalog and were most likely purchased by Ludwig Rosenthal en masse.

Another important finding of an audit of the Buxheim manuscripts in the two Ludwig Rosenthal company catalogs numbered XL (1884) and XLI (undated, but likely 1884 or 1885) is that the manuscripts listed in the two catalogs do not include any duplicates, i.e. the two catalogs represent only different manuscripts. Thus they work together to present for sale most of the manuscripts (427 total) available at Rosenthal’s directly after the 1883 auction.

Other important catalogs will be added to this space over time, including the first decade of the Jacques Rosenthal firm. Whenever possible, catalog entries have been identified with their current locations.

Carl Förster Auction Catalog, XXX, 20 September, 1883 (452 mss.)

Ludwig Rosenthal, Catalog XL, Bibliotheca Carthusiana, 1884 (195 mss.)

Ludwig Rosenthal, Catalog XLI, Bibliotheca-Catholico Theologica Octava, 1884 or 1885 (232 mss.)

Ludwig Rosenthal, Catalog 155, Handschriften und Miniaturen, 1914 (14 mss.)

Jacques Rosenthal, Catalogs 7, 10, 12, 14-17, 83, 90, 1895-1928 (31 mss.)

Karl Hiersemann Catalogs 487 and 544, 1921 and 1924 (17 mss.)

Les Enluminures Buxheim Manuscript Sales.pdf (6 mss.)