Below are some links that might prove useful in further research on Charterhouse Buxheim and its library.

Town of Buxheim

  • Homepage of the town of Buxheim. Includes information on restaurants and activities around town (in German).

Kartause Buxheim

  • Homepage of the Buxheim Charterhouse Museum (in German)

Carthusian Order

  • Homepage of the Carthusian Order, including links to charterhouses around the world.

Marianum Buxheim

  • Homepage of the upper school (Gymnasium) at the Buxheim Marianum (formerly part of the Charterhouse) (in German)

Charterhouse Buxheim

  • Wikipedia page

Ludwig Rosenthal

  • Wikipedia page on antiquarian book dealer, founder of the Rosenthal dealerships and first major book dealer to handle the legacy Buxheim library