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  1. Marvin T.Rawski


    Hallo, I own books from the Buxheim monastery so L love your site.Wish there was more about this subject.Respectfully,Marvin T.Rawski

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      Thanks very much for your message. The website is still very much a work in progress. I was just in Buxheim recently, at the end of June actually. It’s a wonderful place, and they have about 1200 of their own books back in the library (well, actually in a different room now). The 18th-century library is now a media room (first floor) and a conference room (2nd floor). I would be very interested in more information on your own Buxheim collection. I have a few myself. I’m especially interested in the library markings themselves, so if any of your books have shelf marks on the spine, or stamps or inscriptions inside, that would be of particular interest. My next project will be to put more information together on the library markings. I’m also working on a project regarding the few Buxheim manuscripts that are kept at the Sutro Library in San Francisco. We recently discovered a few uncatalogued manuscripts from Buxheim. I suspect that Adolf Sutro either purchased some books at the 1883 auction (had had the catalog) or later from L. Rosenthal. It is also possible that several were destroyed in the 1906 earthquake and fire. Sincerely, William

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      Dear M. Schmitz, Thank you very much for your kind comment and link to the Maggs Buxheim incunable (this is lot 3187 in the 1883 auction catalog, not mentioned in the Maggs description). I do try to maintain the website, and I am adding lists and information all the time. Some of the incunabula last known at auction, or currently at auction, can be found in the incunabula catalog at Thanks again for your interest in the Buxheim library site, and please let me know if you find any more information on manuscripts or printed books from Buxheim. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, William

      • Max Schmitz


        Dear William,

        Thank you for your reply and your work. This might be of interest:
        9 BIEL, Gabriel, and Florentius DIEL (editor). Passionis dominice sermo historialis notabilis atque praeclarus. [(colophon:) Mainz, Friedrich Heumann, 29 August
        1509]. [bound with:]
        BECHHOFEN, Johannes de. Quadruplex missalis expositio: l[itte]ralis sc[ilicet] allegorica, tropologica, et anagogica… [(colophon:) Basel, Michael Furter, 1 September 1505].
        “a beautiful copy from the celebrated library of Buxheim Charterhouse.” with a picture of the title page with the Buxheim stamp.
        Best wishes, Max

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    Dear William,
    I hope this finds you well. I have recently been to Stockholm for a short research trip (I work on prayer books) and I might have identified one of the lost Buxheim manuscripts from your list (which wasn’t too difficult given the ownership entry). Happy to share my findings via email.
    All best wishes from Oxford,

  3. Matthew Champion


    Dear Prof. Whobrey,

    I’ve recently come across an incunabula (1502) from Buxheim. I’d be delighted to send further information via email.

    All the very best,


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